The Father Himself Loves You (John 16.27)

What a deep interest our Father takes in each of His children: truly it is a personal and peculiar attachment to each member of His family.  Do we not lose much by forgetting this?  Even in human things we are apt overlook it.  We call the feeling which the Father entertains to each of His children, love, and well we call it so, but this is not all.  There is a difference in the love He bears to His eldest and His youngest born, a difference in the case of each, called forth by the peculiar character of each.  It is the minute and special love which is so precious.  Were it not for this we should feel as if we had only a part of our Father’s heart, as if we had not the whole; but realising this we feel as if we had his whole heart, and yet our having the whole did not rob our brothers and sisters of any.  It is with the family as with the sun in the firmament; it is the property of all and yet each has the whole of it.  Even so with Jehovah, our Heavenly Father; His is a special, peculiar, personal love, just if He loved no other but had the whole of His heart to spare for us.  His is a minute and watchful care, bending over each day and night, as if He had no other to care for.  How sweet to think that each of us is the special object of such personal attachment, the peculiar object of such unwearied vigilance.

In time of trouble say:

FIRST: He brought me here–It is by His will I am in this strait (difficult) place; in that will I rest.

NEXT: He will keep me in His Love, and give me grace in this trail to behave as his child.

THEN: He will make the trail a blessing, teaching me the lessons H means me to learn, and working in me grace He intends for me.

LAST: In His good time He can bring me out again, how and when, He knows.

Say:–I am here–by God’s appointment–In God’s keeping–Under His training–For His time.

Published by the Bible Fellowship Union