The Memorial 2022

The date of the memorial

Thursday 14th of April 2022 (14th Nisan) after 7:30 pm.
For more details on locations where the memorial will be held please contact us at

Vesper Meditation

All studies will be from Memorial Meditations book.

February 27th – Bro. Mike Shilling
 Page 239 – “Special Trials of the Passover Season”
Pages 240-241 – “Lest Ye Enter into Temptation”

March 6th – Bro. Jeff Earl
Pages 130-134 “Passover in Type and Antitype

March 13th – Bro. Keith Belhumeur
     Pages 194-195 “The Import of the Emblems”
     Page 148 – “As to Serving the Memorial Emblems

March 20th – Bro. Bob Melichar
     Pages 231-233 “Counting the Blood Common”

March 27th – Bro Jeff Earl
     Pages 409-411 “Self-Confidence is Weakness”

April 3rd – Bro Keith Belhumeur
     “Jesus’s Last Week” Bro. Keith will provide a condensed outline.