This morning we received an email from a friend. It went like this:

“Be more concerned for God’s glory than for your relief.

 At the onset of the most excruciating week of Jesus’ life, He didn’t ask “How can I get out of this? He asked “How can God be glorified?”

“Now my soul has become troubled; and what shall I say, Father, save me from this hour’?  But for this purpose I came to this hour.  “Father, glorify Thy name.”  John 12:27-28

How powerful is His triumph over us when our prayer goes beyond the honest desire that the experience goes away, but that He be glorified fully in the experience, trusting His deliverance in His time and way.

 What is more important, that the experience go away, or that He is glorified through it?

Father, glorify Thy name.

 This prayer was something my Dad wrote when he was young in Christ, found among some of his papers.

 My Prayer

Dear Lord,

Don’t You mind my weakness;

You know Your strength is made perfect in my weakness;

Don’t mind my failures;

Do not spare me for Thyself, Thyself Dear Lord,

in any way, at any cost, no matter whether I like it or not.

You know best, Dear Lord,

and I want You to have Your way in me.

Not my will but Thine always;

Probably I shall not like the process; it will hurt;

I may even feel discouraged and ready to draw back.

Doubts will assail me, fears will trouble me,

I may be weary of the conflict and sigh for rest

and cry for deliverance before the work is done.

Never mind, Dear Lord.

Finish the work You have begun, for Thy name’s sake,

and for Thine own glory,

and stay not Thy hand until Thou seest clear and true,

and perfect Thine own image and likeness in me;

And to Thee, and Thee alone, shall be the praise forever.”


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