Inspirational Poems

With God

With every struggle,

 There comes Peace.

With every triumph,

 There comes Victory.

With every tear,

 There comes Comfort.

With every prayer,

 There comes an Answer,

 With God,

All things are possible.

Fellowship of the Brethren

Oh what sweet fellowship,

When words of kindness are spoken,

From ones heart to another,

A heart whose life belongs to God,

A people in whom he shares a life,

A life hidden in the love of God.

Oh what beautiful fellowship,

When notes of praise are sung,

Forming a melody for the Lord above,

A melody which comes from the heart,

A heart whose love is for God,

A love that is hidden deep in God,

A love song sung only for God.

Oh what pure fellowship,

When God’s children meet together,

Faithfully they praise Him,

Loving they speak of Him,

Oh what sweet fellowship,

The fellowship of the brethren.

Walk With Me

Walk with Me,
My child,
When you are weak,
For I am your strength,
Walk with Me,
My child,
When you are alone,
For I am your Father,
Walk with me,
My child,
When you know not where to go,
For I am the Way,
Walk with me,
My child,
When you need confidence,
For I am Your confidence,
Walk with Me,
My child,
When you are unsure,
For you can trust me,
Walk with Me,
My child,
When you are uncertain,
For I know your future,
Walk with me,
My child,
For I love you more than all.

His Faithfulness

His faithfulness is everlasting,

It reaches higher than the heavens,

His faithfulness is never ending,

It abides through all circumstances,

His faithfulness is all knowing,

It’s knowledge reaches far beyond time,

His faithfulness is all loving,

It’s new every morning,

Great is Thy Faithfulness!—


He Will Never Leave Us

We may not understand God’s reasoning for letting bad things happen,
but one thing we can always be positively sure of is that He will
never leave us! He is our comfort through the storm. No matter how bad
things get He is always there to protect us and give us His PERFECT
PEACE, so that through the storm we may feel His presence with us and
know he will never leave us!

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee.” – Isaiah 26:3
His Beloved Bridegroom
Precious children of God,

Beautiful are their hearts,

For they are one with the Most High,

Not in flesh,

But in heart,

In love are they one,

For they are His chosen ones.

Hidden from the world are they,

God’s promises to keep,

Kept for a kingdom,

God’s mercy seat.

God will fulfil His plan for them,

Each and every one,

Selected from the world are they,

He calls them one by one.

Each and every faithful one,

Sees the face of God,

Press on,

To your mark,

Dear soldiers of the cross.

Running the race,

They don’t lose heart,

For the Father’s love is sure,

Called by name,

He calls them to His side,

For eternity’s end,

Adorned are they,

His beloved bridegroom.

Eagle’s Wings

Youths tire,

 Weary legs play,

Young men stumble,

Works long day.

Fear of flight,

Brings no end,

But hope in love,

Brings His children in.

In His love,

They abide,

Under His care,

They take refuge,

In His arms,

Comfort they find,

On eagles wings,

He renews their strength.


 Burden Bearer

Father help us trust,

For many a weary foe,

Let us abide,

In Your loving arms,

So fine,

Bearden bearer draw nigh.

Father teach us love,

For many a struggle,

By the waters side,

Let us abide,

 Come nigh,

Bearden bearer be mine.

Father hear our cry,

For many burdens we bear,

Take our tears,

Let us see,

Burden bearer of our dreams.

Father help us know,

Your faithfulness is true,

Let us feel,

Joy to bestow,

Our burden bearer so true.


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