Passover Perspectives Exodus 12: The Keeping of the Lamb

With prayers that the LORD will specially bless your Memorial meditations, inspired by the depths of love of the Father and the Son that we can barely fathom,

Sister Joy

#337 Passover Perspectives  Exodus 12:  The Keeping of the Lamb

Keeping the lamb  Exodus 12:6  “and ye shall keep it (from the tenth day of this month–verse 3) until the fourteenth day of the same month; and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it at dusk.”

The Lamb of God was “kept” safe (#4931 to watch or guard as in the act of custody, safe) within the nation of Israel until the ordained time for his death. The Priests could not arrest Jesus in public because they feared the reaction of the people.  Mark 12:12  They cried “Hosanna” on the tenth day.  But they cried “crucify him” on the fourteenth day, incited by the Priests.  John 19:6, Luke 23:13, 18, 23

What a blessing to realize that the timing and provision in our Savior’s life belongs to us also.

We see this same power of protection in the anonymity of the Upper Room location.

The disciples came to Jesus with a sense of urgency and excitement.  Peter spoke for the collective group’s question.  Luke 22:7-8;  Mt 26.17; Mk 14.12

“Where do you want us to go to make preparations for you to eat the Passover?”

Judas inched his way closer into the circle of men who stood before Jesus and listened carefully to his response.  Jesus paused and looked at the two disciples closest to him, securing their undivided attention.  “Peter and John—you will go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.”  Luke 22.8

“As you enter the city, you will meet a man carrying a jar of water.  Follow him to the house that he enters.”  Jesus instructed the two how to address the man they would meet, and how to request the use of the room they would be led to as the place to prepare.

Judas sighed, disappointed that the place of Passover remained a mystery as yet unusable to his nefarious scheme.  Jesus had purposely kept the place of his last Passover a sacred secret, and thus had protected his last evening hours with his beloved disciples from the crude and premature intrusion of the powers of darkness.



Jesus knows how to protect his fellowship with his followers.  The events and words of that Passover night including John 13-17 are the accounts that we have because of his efforts.

Do we protect our fellowship with him?  Mark 6:41;

In his foresight, he has provided an upper room, furnished and ready, in order that we may commune with him and receive the strength and encouragement we need to face the dark days ahead.

Are we ready to give him our upper room, our best room, furnished and prepared for his use? 2 Tim 2:21

He knows our heart and he is ready to use our best for his service.

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