Ready to Turn My Life Around for God Psalm 19.7-14

#367  Ready to Turn My Life Around for God  Psalm 19.7-14

I was defensive in response to some criticism and I needed His Help!  He gave me Psalm 19.

These verses really help me deal with criticism from others with a more positive and grateful attitude.

Psalm 19:7  The law of the LORD is perfect [8549, from 8552; entire, literally, fig, morally; also as noun integrity, truth Converting [7725 to turn back, hence away] the soul

I am willing for the Truth and big picture integrity of God to turn my life around!

The testimony of the LORD is sure [539:  firm, faithful, to be morally true and certain] making wise the simple [6612:  silly, seducible]

I realize that I can be deluded by my perceptions that I think are so right and that I need the guidance of God’s Word.

Psalm 19:8  the statutes of the LORD are right [3477 straight] rejoicing [8055 to brighten up, make gleesome] the heart

I will be ready to see the joy in God’s righteous standards

The commandment of the LORD is pure  [1249, fm 1305: to clarify, that is brighten, examine, select;   1249 beloved, also pure, empty]

enlightening the eyes  [215 to be or make luminous]

I will be ready to SEE things differently, in the LIGHT of His Truth

The fear of the LORD is clean [2891 pure[, enduring [5975 to stand] forever

Reverence for the LORD is pure and that reverence is forever appropriate;

I stand always for reverence and awe for who the LORD is in every circumstance.

The judgments  [4941 verdict, sentence] of the LORD are true [571 from 539:  stability, fig certainty, truth, trustworthiness] and righteous altogether 3162, fm 3161 proper a unit, that is unitedly]

I see the decisions of the LORD as true, stable and trustworthy;  unitedly righteous:  consistent and faithful when seen in context and in eternity.


Psalm 19:12  Who can understand [separate mentally or distinguish] his errors?

Cleanse [5352 to be or make clean, in an adverse sense to be bare, extirpated, ie root out and completely destroy]

from secret [hidden] faults.

I cannot always distinguish between my natural and spiritual thinking:  I need Your help!

So do what You must to give me that help.  

****That means I will accept and be open to see whatever is accurate from criticism and come to gratitude for the criticism.

Psalm 19:13  Keep back [2820 to restrain] thy servant from presumptuous [2086 arrogant] sins;

Let them not have dominion over me;

Then shall I be upright [8552 to complete]

and I shall be innocent [5352] from the great [7227 abundant] transgression [7588 revolt].

O LORD I do not want to be involved in abundant revolt against You!

So show me what I need to see, regardless of the cost to me.

Psalm 19:14

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable [7522 from 7521:  delight]  in thy sight, O LORD, my strength [6697, a cliff, rock boulder, fig a refuge] and my redeemer [1350 to be next of kin; to buy back]

O Lord, my strong refuge, the One who has bought me through Christ—freeing me from sin, 

May what I speak quietly to myself and what I ponder be a delight to You.

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