Which place was Jesus staying before the baptism? 

Which place was Jesus staying before the baptism?  When Jesus went to the desert after his baptism, who did John and the disciples meet the next day, then on to the wedding at Cana, then to Capernaum?

Answer: Mark 1:9 tells us that Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee.  Matthew 3:13 tells us that Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan so John the Baptist could baptize him.

Regarding who John met the next day after Jesus’ baptism, you may be referring to the fact that the book of John appears to indicate that the next day after Jesus was baptized, John the Baptist identifies Jesus as “the Lamb of God” to some of John’s followers as Jesus was walking by (John 1:29-42).  What we must remember regarding the gospels is that they are four separate personal accounts of their experiences and events with Jesus.  Different gospels highlight different aspects important to the authors, while some aspects are duplicated. Gospel accounts are not fully chronological and in many cases, one must put all the accounts together using facts from each to create a chronological series of events.

Many have the perception that as soon as Jesus was baptized, he was immediately swept off to the desert to be tempted of Satan. The facts of the gospels indicate that there were several days before Jesus went to the desert. During that time, after his baptism, Jesus meets Andrew and Peter for the first time. They were interested in what John the Baptist was doing and witnessed him identifying Jesus as the Messiah. They followed and stayed with Jesus to get to know him more.  How long is not clear, but it was at least one day.  A point of fact is that Jesus did not call or invite them to follow him, they sought Jesus out.  At some point, Jesus and the two brothers part ways and Jesus goes into the desert for his 40 days of temptation by Satan (Matt. 4:1). We know from the scriptures that during that time, John the Baptist had been arrested by Herod and Jesus returns and begins his ministry (Matt. 4:12).

We then see Jesus begin calling his Apostles. Who does he call first? Probably the first two to show interest in him were Peter and Andrew (Matt. 4:18). Notice that he had already met them in John 1:35-42, but this time he encounters them while they are fishing in their boat and he, for the first time, calls them to follow him.  He then begins to call others like Philip and Nathanael (John 1:43-45).

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