Healing the Root of Fear


Joy wrote: “Here are some steps that are helpful in dealing with fear:

 Confess it before Him in confidence:  Bring the thoughts and feelings to the LORD claiming our standing of innocence in Christ, and in full assurance that our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus understand.

1 John 1:9;  Psalm 139:1-6; Psalm 103:14

Realize what we mislay when we focus on fear:  we hide the Greatness of Divine Deliverance, Unfathomable Love and Wisdom from ourselves!  Isaiah 51:13

Ask to see the situation or the person from Divine perspective.  2 Corinthians 10:5

Cut the Invincible Appearance of Impossible down to size!

God likens the fear of Israel of their oppressors to the Red Sea deliverance, reminding Israel of the role of Moses and the power of God in their crossing over.  Isaiah 51:9-11  This is also a picture of Kingdom deliverance for the whole world of mankind!  Think of the appearance of impossibility.  Then think of the Deliverance of God and Christ that defies what seems impossible!!

 What is the Red Sea and the fierce armies of Egypt to the God who created the heavens and earth?  Quite easily manageable!

Wake up to the Reality of God and Christ and go forward.

“Awake, awake, put on strength. O arm of the LORD…”  Isaiah 51:9

Wake up to the truth of Who I am on your behalf, and the deliverance I bring you through Christ… Realizing this,  clothe your mind with strength, not fear!  “


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